Change the World with $1.85

What’s your first response when you see someone on the side of the road holding a sign with the words, “Anything Helps”? Do you roll down the window and share some change, pass along a care package, or offer a bottle of water? Most likely, you continue on your journey, not sure what you can really do.

For songwriter Jared Hicks, this real-life scenario inspired a song based on his son’s choice to give away souvenir money during a family trip to St. Louis.

“We were headed back to the hotel after visiting the zoo and passed a guy with a sign that said, ‘Anything Helps.’ My son asked me if I knew what it meant, and as I started to reply he said, ‘Dad, roll down my window I want to give him my money,’” Jared shared with a smile. “It surprised me and brought tears to my eyes as I realized in that moment that this was how my son believed he could help meet a need. It was so innocent. He knew his parents would provide whatever he needed so it was an easy choice to give away his own change.”

This emotional experience soon turned into fresh lyrics for the seasoned songwriter, who shared that he always has his story antenna up. Not long after the trip, Jared shared the words and music to the song “Dollar Eighty Five” with his producers, who agreed it should be released as a single. The key message of the song pushes listeners to action with the phrase, “Maybe we could change the world with a dollar eighty five?”

With the song’s release on December 1, 2023, Jared also opted to do something outside the norm. “In the process of producing the song, I heard about Flourish CDC at church one Sunday. At that moment, I realized that this song could help raise awareness for Flourish as it supports people in need in our community”.

“It’s always heavy on my heart that I don’t do more to help, and this is a way to draw attention to a great organization that is making a difference and hopefully raise a little extra money. I believe God gave me this song to write; it’s a gift from him for me to share – that’s my part.”

In a day of streaming and much more, Jared is asking listeners to purchase the song “Dollar Eighty Five” as a creative way to support and raise awareness about Flourish. “I believe a song has the power to make a difference. With your help, I hope we can change the world together, even just by a little.

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