Revelation Sermon Series



Starting September 11, we’ll begin a new series of the most interesting book of the Bible: Revelation. This book has it all: the mark of the beast, the seven-headed dragon, the abyss, and the new heaven and the new earth. But what do you do with all that?

Growing up in church, Revelation made me afraid.

Many people look at this last book of the Bible in the same way: fear. We read about tribulations, wars, famines, and all kinds of destruction. But is that really what this book

is about?

We will spend seven weeks exploring Revelation as it was originally

intended: as a letter to seven churches. This book was written to real people in a real place with real questions and struggles. What did Revelation mean to these first-century believers and what does that say to us today?

When we look at Revelation through the eyes of these early believers, we see this book is less about doom-

and-gloom and much more about hope and encouragement.

Revelation is a good news message about God’s intention for his people.

You won’t want to miss this series.

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