The Last Week

A lot can happen in a week.

Jesus lived for approximately 33 years. That’s 1,716 weeks. The four gospels tell us about the life of Jesus and spend nearly 30% of their time on just one of those weeks: Jesus’ last week. The week starts with Jesus entering Jerusalem with crowds cheering him on and ends with Jesus lying dead in a borrowed tomb.

That’s quite a week.

Starting February 18, we’ll begin a new series exploring the last week of Jesus. We’ll walk with Jesus through his triumphal entry, to his clearing out the temple, through the Passover, his arrest, crucifixion, and burial. Then on Easter Sunday, as we gather together to celebrate the empty tomb, we will read about the resurrection that happens on “the first day of the week.”

A week of tragedy turns into a new week for celebration.
A week of defeat turns into a new week of victory.
A week that leads to death turns into a new week that brings life.

I hope to see you at church on Sundays in February and March at 9 or 10:30 am, and for one of our Easter Sunday services at 8, 9:30 and 11 am.

Pastor Spencer

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