A Summer Journey with Moses

This summer, we’ll turn our attention to the most consequential person of the Old Testament: Moses.

Moses’ story is timeless: born a slave, raised an Egyptian, a fugitive from the law, called by God. Moses is the deliverer, the teacher, and the lawgiver. Through Moses, the Lord delivers, teaches, and gives the law and the covenant.

Moses’ story goes through all the stages of life. We’ll see his highs and lows, his pain, anger, and joy.

We’ll see Moses learn who he really is as he grows to trust the Lord. Through every season of his life, we’ll see the faithfulness of God as the Lord rescues his people and provides for every need.

Moses’ legacy is hard to overstate. His impact is felt on pretty much every page of the Bible. It’s through Moses that God gives Israel the covenant that gives shape to the entire Bible. You will never understand the Bible if you don’t understand Moses.

Throughout the Bible, we are taught to remember all that God does through Moses: the exodus from Egypt, the parting of the waters, the giving of the law, and God’s faithfulness in the wilderness. The story of Moses is not just about a person who lived a long time ago but is really a story about the power of God at work for his people. The story of Moses is the story of God’s faithfulness.

We’ll begin our study on Moses on Memorial Day weekend (May 26) and end on Labor Day weekend (September 1). If you are away during any of these weeks, be sure to follow along by watching our online service or listening to our sermon podcast. We will also post discussion and reflection questions for you, or a group, to go deeper in our study.

You won’t want to miss this series. Join us at 9 or 10:30 am each Sunday or catch the service online on YouTube.

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