Connecting & Community with Second Season

The Second Season ministry at Schweitzer Church continues to thrive since its inception in October 2022. It is remarkable to note the dedication of attendees who haven’t missed a single program. While assisting my husband, Richard, with the registration, I’ve had the privilege of interacting with attendees.

Curious about their motivation to consistently attend, I posed a simple question to regulars: “Why do you attend every month?”

I discovered a common thread that echoes across generations: Social Interaction. One person shared they “love how nice everyone is.”

As life progresses – children and grandchildren grow, friends relocate, and loved ones pass away—the importance of relationships becomes even more pronounced. Second Season, with its welcoming atmosphere and friendly faces, fulfills this need for many attendees, offering not just programs but a sense of belonging and community.

Research supports the crucial need for social interaction to maintain mental well-being. A study looking at people ages 50 to 70 found that “those who reported having frequent social contact, especially with friends, were less likely to get dementia at each age.” Attending religious services was cited as the number one way to facilitate friendships. Other ways included connecting with an activity group, enrolling in continuing education, extending social invitations, striking up a conversation, and volunteering.

Each luncheon provides opportunities for learning, laughter and connection. This summer, on June 6, July 11 and August 8 at 11:30 am, we invite you to enlarge your social circle. Come meet someone you don’t know as you enjoy great food and conversation. We also invite you to join the Second Season volunteer team – we always have room!

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