Embracing More Than Happiness

During the fall of 2023, 12 expectant mothers participated in Schweitzer’s first Embrace Grace group. The journey with this group of single, pregnant ladies was truly beautiful. Carolyn Larsen, a volunteer leader with Embrace Grace shared, “Through a message of love, we helped the women see that they

could have their babies and their dreams too!”

Fast forward nearly five months since the first special day ceremony celebrating the completion of the program, and many of these moms are now loving and caring for newborns.

One mom who participated in the cohort is Brittany Stockdale.

“At the age of 16, I had ovarian cancer and major surgery. I didn’t believe I could ever have kids. As I got older I was upset that I couldn’t have kids so I began living life doing whatever I wanted to do,” Brittany said and went on to share more of her story.

She met Louis and began a relationship. They both were working on living a clean and sober life. The couple had discussed having children but were surprised by God in a whole new way when Brittany became pregnant with a miracle baby. During this time, she learned about Schweitzer’s Embrace Grace group from the Pregnancy Care Center and decided to give it a try.

“At first I was nervous; I didn’t know what to expect when I walked into a room of women and other moms, but it became the highlight of my week,” she said.

Soon after entering the program, Brittany and Louis got married and began exploring faith together at Schweitzer.

Louis waited in the car each Wednesday night while Brittany participated in the Embrace Grace group, and they began attending Sunday morning services. You’ll often find them at the 9 am service.

Embrace Grace was a pathway of joy for Brittany and Louis. “Our lives are way more full today. There is a different kind of happiness. It’s not a ‘party happiness’; it’s a true joy because there is not a void we are trying to fill,” the couple shared.

Now in 2024, their lives are quite different as they raise their four-month-old girl, Emma Rae, in a home full of God’s love and truth. Embrace Grace at Schweitzer has truly made a difference for this young family.

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