Encouragement for Life’s Challenges

by Pastor Sheila Pippin.
In the classic movie “It’s a Wonderful Life,” George Bailey becomes overwhelmed by the circumstances of his life and is “rescued” by a guardian angel named Clarence. One of George’s lines is a last-resort prayer that begins, “Lord, I’m not a praying man, but…”

The Congregational Care Ministry at Schweitzer Church is fully aware our lives are made up of challenges that often seem overwhelming. As a praying, caring congregation, we also believe in a constant line of prayer to express our thanks to God, demonstrate our awe of God, and to confess our shortfalls.

God never promised that our lives would be simple, but he DID promise he would be with us each step of the way. In the same way that he is with us, we also can share each aspect of our lives with him…including the challenges. We can also find encouragement and support in a community of friends.

Throughout the year, the Congregational Care team offers classes to help with difficult circumstances.

These include classes on loneliness, helping older parents relate to their adult children, and about end-of-life issues. We also offer support for grief with 13-week sessions for GriefShare and special sessions for “Surviving the Holidays” or “Loss of a Spouse,” and much more.

This spring, we are offering a class specifically designed to address the challenges you may be facing:

“Recovering from Losses in Life,” based on a book by H. Norman Wright. This class is fitting for people of all ages and situations. Whether you have recently lost a loved one, are dealing with the heartbreak of divorce, or experienced the loss of a relationship, this class could be a source of comfort and healing for you.

We invite you to join us for this four-week class and book study, beginning Thursday, April 11, and continuing each week through May 2, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Find us each week in room 102 (Entrance B). Sign up for this class at schweitzer.church/next or by using the Church Center App.

One last reminder, for whatever is happening in your life, our team is ready to provide encouragement and prayer as you navigate life’s challenges.

If you ever want to visit with a member of the Congregational Care Team, please reach out by calling the office at 417-881-6800 or by emailing me at spippin@schweitzer.church.

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