New Staff Spotlight: Shoji McGhee

The beginning of 2024 has been exciting as we expanded our staff team. In late January, Shoji McGhee joined our staff as our Director of Connections. For over a year, Cory Luczywo has served in two roles as the Director of Connections while also overseeing groups and classes.

The addition of Shoji to the team will allow Cory to focus on supporting our growing groups ministry. In a large church, small groups and classes are key ways for people to grow in their faith. Shoji and Cory will work in tandem to help people connect and take a next step.

Getting to Know Shoji

“Because every person is made in God’s image, two ways we grow spiritually are through Christian community and in serving others. I am excited to help people grow in their faith by finding a place to connect and serve at Schweitzer.”

The McGhee Family
My wife Leigh-Ann and I have been married for 21 years. We have two amazing children. Liam is almost 14, and Eva is 11. Leigh-Ann is a therapist working in the public school system.

How Did You Find Schweitzer?
Our transition to Schweitzer was gradual. While attending another church, we brought our kids to some of the community events, including the Schweitzer Kids’ fall festival.

Our son, Liam, began attending Route 56 since our church didn’t have ministries for his age group. We were impressed by his spiritual growth and the friendly and welcoming nature of all the Kids’ volunteers. It didn’t take long for us to decide to visit a Sunday service as a family.

What Led You to Change Jobs and Consider a New Opportunity?

I never expected or anticipated this career change, but during prayer last year, God told me to be open regarding my employment. I did not take that as good news.

I was happy where I was. For 20 years, I worked at the Assemblies of God Headquarters, serving in various roles from their youth department to discipleship, spending the last 14 years doing promotions and communications for their chaplaincy area. I enjoyed my work and loved the people I worked with and the chaplains we served.

When I learned about the open position at Schweitzer, I was surprised by the excitement I felt. Everything about it felt right, and I knew that it was time for this change.

God used these past 20 years to prepare me for this ministry assignment, from my seminary degree to our years of volunteering in churches.

Favorite Hobbies
I like being in nature, whether that is boating, canoeing, kayaking, cycling, hiking, or hammocking. When I’m not cheering on the Chiefs, my favorite hobby is playing modern board games.

Favorite Coffee Drink
I enjoy simple coffee with creamer; no additional flavors or sugar needed.

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