Schweitzer Kids Spotlight: Sydney Pillman

Sydney began attending Schweitzer as a teenager, and like many in their teen years, she admits that following God was not always “top of mind.” Yet, no matter where she went, her roots of faith drew her back.

“I got to a point in my twenties when I wanted to make a change; I decided to become a church member and start volunteering in Kids Ministry,” Sydney shared. Schweitzer continued to be her home church as she moved away to Kansas City and Columbia, eventually got married, and had her first child. “I never stopped being a member of Schweitzer, I watched church online and stayed connected. I went to other local churches but always felt I was fed spiritually through Schweitzer.”

Sydney and her husband, Chris, relocated back to Springfield in the fall of 2022 and began settling into life as parents of a new baby born in July. It wasn’t long before Sydney felt a nudge from God to take a next step.

“I remember there was a sermon about getting involved, and at the same time, I felt like God was pulling on my heart to start serving. I was open to helping anywhere, but Kids’ Ministry was my first pick. I really love working with kids; they bring me a lot of joy.”

Sydney now has a toddler and another little one on the way. She shared that as a young mom, she knows how important it is to pour into the lives of other families. An added bonus is experiencing God in unexpected ways. “It’s so different being around kids. They are inspiring and full of life; every time I leave church after serving in Kids, I feel so filled up with the Holy Spirit.”

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