Share Some Sunshine

A little extra sunshine in life can make a difference. We feel this in the summer especially. At times, we even wish for a cool breeze to counterbalance the sweltering heat, but few will complain about the extra daylight to enjoy life outdoors, host get-togethers, and much more.

In thinking about the idea of sunshine, I also began to consider what might constitute as “sunshine for the soul.” Many discussions about “seasons of the soul” could fit into this category, but I want to focus on the idea of “sharing some sunshine.”

How might you share some spiritual sunshine this summer?

Could you invite someone to an evening dinner or hike? Could you invite them to join you for a Hymn Sing, for our River Baptisms picnic, or even to a Sunday service?

On the digital side of life, an easy option could be to post a word of encouragement. Sitting down to write this article, I found myself on social media (you know how that goes!) but the real surprise came in seeing a post by a friend – her simple note of “sunshine” for all to see was perfectly timed. Her example of encouragement is so perfect that I am sharing a screenshot.

This is a great example and a challenge to share some sunshine with the world around us. You never know how far a word of encouragement or an invitation might go!

May God’s light shine through you this summer!

– Jenn Brown

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