Sharing Faith & Becoming Stronger Together

For over two years, Pat Zimmer, with the support of many other guys (and a few gals!), has hosted morning breakfasts, outings and service projects as a way to connect guys of all ages.

“The Guys’ Gatherin’ events this past year has helped guys across our church and community get to know each other better,” Pat shared.

“At each gathering, the Lord is present as men experience the love of God in new ways.

This may come through food that is served to them (body), the music or message that is delivered (soul) or through prayer and worship (spirit).”

One unique aspect of these Guys’ Gatherin’s is the invitation to men who are part of the program at Springfield’s Victory Mission. Their participation has been a blessing for men in their program as well as the men attending from Schweitzer.

“Men experience the love of God through new relationships. Additionally, they appreciate the opportunities to engage in outdoor activities,” Pat said.

“Many of the guys have not had an opportunity to experience nature and share their faith with other Christian men. The Lord has truly brought us together!”

“It’s been a pleasure to support the Lord’s work in developing us guys into the sons that God has always wanted us to be. As we move through this coming year, we hope that God will continue to use these events to call, connect and commission guys of all ages according to His purposes.”

The Guys’ Gatherin’ Team is very grateful to Schweitzer Church for its Christ-Centered, Community- Focused approach to loving God and loving our neighbors.

“It is very important to find proactive ways for guys to connect with each other in Christ’s name and become the sons that the Lord wants us to be.”


The next Guys’ breakfast is on April 13 at 8 am. Mark McKnelly will be our guest speaker. This former leader from Schweitzer and current Director of Restoration at Victory Mission will share insights from his most recent book, The New Me is the True Me. Breakfast is always free; we do ask that you sign up ahead of time online.