Strengthening Your Marriage (Fall Marriage Class)

by Mark Mildren

When I was in seminary at Southern Methodist University, Pastoral Care and Counseling was a

required year-long class. That was a very practical course for me. I chose to do an additional counseling class in Marriage and Family Counseling. I supposed that would be a very practical class in preparation for ministry. I was right. During my ministry, I learned that the divorce rate for Christian couples was the same for non-Christian couples. I hated to see my parishioners suffering from marriage problems that could lead to divorce. Since then, I have done marriage counseling for 46 years. About fifteen years ago, I did some additional training at the Forest Institute of Psychology in relationship enhancement to aid in marriage counseling. Helping to strengthen marriages is a way to prevent marriage crisis. 

This fall at Schweitzer, I will be leading couples as part of a six-week class running September 26 – November 7, using the book “Making Love Last A Lifetime” by Rev. Adam Hamilton. I’ve used this book before and have found it to be helpful and fun. We will spend time reading and discussing these topics: 

• Venus and Mars in the Beginning 

• What Women Wish Men Knew About Women 

• What Men Wish Women Knew About Men 

• The Ministry & Meaning of Faithfulness 

• After the Honeymoon is Over 

• The Habits of Unhealthy Marriages 

• God’s Plan for Sexual Intimacy 

• Making Love Last a Lifetime 

This class is open to anyone, but we especially encourage young couples to be part of this time together. Childcare is available for the class, and we know the time together will be special. This book will also be one you’ll want to keep in your library. 

I look forward to meeting you! 

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