A Conversation on Thursday

– A conversation between the landlord of the Upper Room space and his young apprentice.
by Chuck Clore

“Azahmar, I don’t know what possessed you to bring those two fellows to me during such a busy season,” the Jerusalem landlord said to his young apprentice. “Your task was simply to retrieve enough water to last us through the Passover celebration,”

“Sorry, Sire. But their mission seemed so urgent. Something told me to bring them to you.” Azahmar responded.

“Oh, don’t apologize. I want to thank you. I found their requests compelling enough I let them have the largest of our rooms to prepare for Passover. Was I surprised when their eclectic band arrived?! Never has the upper room hosted such a variety of men with such camaraderie: fishermen and carpenters, a tax collector, and a doctor. The personalities are so opposite: the sons of Thunder, the Beloved One, and the impetuous Simon Peter. All are so different yet drawn together with such unity. The Nazarene displayed a calm leadership that I had never seen before.”

“Again, Azahmar, I thank you,” he continued, “Because of your initiative, I have witnessed true worship. When the Nazarene led them in song, it was like the psalmist David was touching the very heart of God. This experience has kindled in me something beyond the joy of the Passover feast.”

“How so, Master?” Azahmar questioned. “What could be more exciting than celebrating the deliverance from Egypt and walking with Moses to the Promised Land?

This encounter has allowed me to walk with the very Son of God, the Messiah, into new promises and expectations. You, Azahmar, have become an instrument of change in God’s hand. Because of this, I am rewarding you with greater responsibilities in my household. But know this: As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord beyond the comfort of religious tradition.”

The landlord continued, “As we speak, such an active faith stirs disapproval and unrest in the streets. The rich enthusiasm of the Passover Feast became silenced as He broke the bread and assigned new meaning of suffering to it. Even in the sanctuary of our upper room, I overheard Jesus speak of betrayal and death.

Pledges of allegiance rallied from the close band of the twelve. But fears of impending doom creeps into my heart. I don’t believe they are capable of tallying the cost of such loyalty.”

“I worry, Azahmar. What is to become of this glorious crew as they descend the steps and wander into the night toward Gethsemane?”

“Will they scatter like sheep when the shepherd has fallen?”

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