An Exciting Summer for the Student Ministry

This year has been one of rebirth for Student Ministry. Director of Student Ministry, Levi Zen, hit the ground running with the exciting task of transforming the Outreach Center into a new Student Center, making it a place that our students could call their own. In no time at all, the stage had a fresh look, Wednesday night worship had a new feel, and the former van bays became a cozy hangout spot for the students, featuring couches, tables and chairs, video games, board games, puzzles, soda, and snacks. 

With no desire to lose momentum, the students powered through the summer with some thrilling new experiences. In June, some high schoolers attended Christ In Youth’s (CIY) MOVE Conference and the middle schoolers attended MIX Conference. MOVE and MIX are week-long events designed to amplify Christ’s call on students’ lives to become Kingdom Workers, featuring all-inclusive food, lodging, recreational activities, inspirational speakers,
worship, and more. The students who attended were blown away by the experience and can’t wait to go back next summer.

In July, a group of students attended a week of Camp Barnabas, a unique ministry providing a Christian camp experience to individuals with special needs and chronic illnesses and their families. Schweitzer Students served as Missionaries and Barnstormers. Senior Grace Keech described her role as a missionary in this way, “My mission was to be best buddies with my camper for a week. We basically did everything together. It’s a really great way to serve.” 

Sophomore Gareth Tsubira, who served as a Barnstormer, one of the people who kept the camp in tip-top-shape by serving food and cleaning up, said of his experience, “You get to see God work in people’s lives and it’s a life-changing experience. I would recommend it
for anyone.”

It really was an incredible summer. Outside camps, we also had students on campus most Tuesdays this summer for lunch club. Gearing up for the fall and the arrival of new 7th graders, several students worked together to design and build a whole new set for the Student Center stage. Inspired by what they had seen at CIY, students worked together to redesign the stage with wooden hexagons and string art. The entire project was student led and designed (with some help from Schweitzer Staff).

With souls refreshed, space renovated, and hearts ready, the students of Schweitzer Church are sure to have an exciting fall semester. In addition to regular Wednesday Night Worship and Sunday Morning Class, Levi has a number of opportunities up his sleeve.

Learn more about upcoming events and see pictures or videos on the student page:

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