Building Something Big! A Troll Adventure

This summer, I embarked on a unique opportunity! To build a giant troll with a team of people led by an artist from Denmark. Thomas Dambo is the mastermind behind the creative pieces that are made from recycled materials.

To date, there are more than 100 trolls around the world. You can find a complete list of locations using the Troll Map on his website. In August, I traveled to the mountain town of Victor, Colorado, to help build Rita the Rock Planter, at 10,700+ feet on land that was once a gold mine.

It was a fascinating and rewarding experience as I worked alongside people from the local area and other volunteers who traveled to the area to join in this grand adventure. During one of our lunch breaks, Thomas shared with us, “It takes many hands to build something big!” Hearing his words, I thought what a perfect metaphor for a church congregation. As Christians, we are part of a big mission to share Christ’s love with the world. This mission is bigger than anything we could physically build and is an adventure in a whole different kind of way.

Below are a few photos of the troll-building process. It was a wonderful experience, and a great opportunity to build with a team of inspiring creatives and to get to know people from Denmark, Australia, Puerto Rico, and rural Colorado towns.

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