Caring For Real Life Needs

Life is hard. Every day, we experience real challenges. In some way or another, we encounter the unexpected – a bad diagnosis, job loss, an accident, or major change such as divorce or the death of a loved one.

The major life events we face shape who we are; they strengthen our faith and sometimes rock it to its core.

When the questions hit, the doubts arise, we often realize we need a little more support. A quick go-to for people is to reach out to a pastor. This, of course, is a wonderful resource, but there are also many faithful people around us who have experienced similar heartaches who are willing to help guide the way and provide encouragement. 

Schweitzer Care Ministry team, led by Pastor Sheila Pippin, is one of these resources. This multi-faceted team includes loving people who serve our community by visiting congregation members in the hospital, by writing cards of encouragement (snail mail), and facilitating groups like GriefShare. 

For the past year, Schweitzer has offered GriefShare, with a new session underway this spring.

GriefShare meets on Sundays at 2:30 pm through April 30 and provides practical tools for navigating the changes and heartache experienced in the grieving process. This is a safe, encouraging place to be real with all the emotions that come along with this topic, and is also a good resource for our church and local community.

In addition to the various Care Ministries outlets, this spring, the team is expanding again adding a new branch we’re calling the “Real Life” Ministry team.

“We know people face all kinds of things in life; sometimes this means someone passing away, but often it is just real life circumstances that we don’t know how to navigate,”shared Sheila. Schweitzer’s “Real Life”  ministry will encompass everything from a bad medical diagnosis to parenting, grandparenting, navigating relationships, job loss, divorce, and grief.

Real Life Team:
Front: Lynn Wasson, Jenn Brown, Peggy Zimmer
Back: Don and Jan Pusateri, Sheila Pippin and Bob Lunn

In April, Peggy Zimmer, who is part of this team, will lead a book discussion on H. Norman Wright’s book “Recovering from Losses in Life.” This six-week study will take place on Tuesdays from 6 to 7:30 pm, April 16 – May 9.

Also this spring, this team will also offer one-on-one encouragement meetings to help people navigate more challenging seasons. Lynn Wasson, who has served as a Stephen Minister, sees how valuable these times together can be.

“Not everyone is comfortable sitting in a class talking about grief or their feelings, but they do need someone to listen and talk to them about what they are experiencing. This is another way we can care for one another outside of classes,” Lynn shared.

Bob Lunn, Jan and Don Pusateri, and Peggy Zimmer will all be part of the group providing one-on-one encouragement sessions.

If you are interested in being part of the Real Life or Care Ministry Team, reach out to Sheila Pippin by email at

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