‘Come Follow Me’ Sermon Series

Jesus’ invitation to be his disciple was simple: “Come, follow me.” It was an invitation to a relationship, to learning, to fellowship, and to life change. Jesus continues to invite us to come and follow him.

April 16 through May 21, we will explore Jesus’ life-changing invitation in our series, Come Follow Me. We’ll look at Jesus’ invitation and how it is expressed in the values of our church. How do we live as his disciples together? This will be a very practical series inviting all of us to take a step towards Jesus through our fellowship together. I hope you’ll join us. 

Following this series, on May 28, we’ll begin a summer-long series: David: A Man After God’s Own Heart. There is much to learn from David as we study both his life and his prayers in the Psalms. David teaches us that no matter if we are experiencing life’s victories or defeats, we can still have a heart that is focused on God.

I hope you’ll join us and invite someone to come along with you as we listen to what the Lord has for us all.

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