Congratulations to Our Graduates

Both Aravis Leininger and Grace Keech are graduating seniors who are part of Schweitzer Student Ministries. If you have a graduate story or photo you’d like to share, let us know by scanning the QR code or go to:


Garin Geitz, Fair Grove High School
Hilton Newell, Glendale High School
Reagan Lea Di Trolio, Bachelor of Journalism/Broadcasting, The University of Missouri.


is a homeschool student with a focus in performing arts.

She’s been dancing since she was 3 and has been in over 20 productions at Springfield Little Theatre and has worked in multiple shows in Branson.

“I aspire to be a professional actor and hope to be living in New York City in the near future!”


is graduating from Kickapoo High School with plans to focus on a career in graphic design.

She has served as a student intern on the Schweitzer Creative team this year and plans to go to OTC in the fall.

“Toe always really been inspired by Studio Ghibli movies, especially by their cozy, brightly colored artistic style, and I wanted to incorporate the sense of peace and comfort their stories always have into my own artwork.

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