Happy New Year

There is something refreshing and reflective as one year ends and a new one begins. Perhaps as you wrap up 2023 and launch into 2024 you are celebrating some goals achieved, or realigning expectations and setting new ones. I am doing a bit of both.

The weekend before sending this publication to print, I officially completed one goal I set for 2023. The goal: to kayak every month of the year. Paddling back to shore at Lake Springfield on December 15, I felt a sense of victory.

While it is a bit of a silly goal, it felt good to accomplish. Time can easily slip away and various obstacles can get in the way of any goal, even seemingly silly or simple ones. For me, reaching my goal of kayaking every month also represented time spent with God in places that remind me of His presence, creativity, and peace.

When it comes to setting New Year’s resolutions, there are many opinions. Some people go all in; others don’t even set them for fear of not measuring up. I find it hopeful to set a few goals and aim

for new things in my personal, spiritual, and creative life. These resolutions push me forward – even if I fall short.

As you begin 2024, I encourage you to lean in and ask God for wisdom. A harder question might be to ask, “God, how can I trust you more in 2024.” What does it look like to grow in your personal, spiritual, and professional life?

As you consider these things, I invite you to take a step here at church. Inside this issue of the Schweitzer Spark (our church magazine) you’ll find new opportunities in the New Year. We invite you to try something new! It’s also a great time to start a conversation. If God is stirring something new in you, reach out to our Schweitzer staff or pastoral team; we’d love to talk with you.

Thanks for reading & Happy New Year!

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