Holy Week Scripture Reading

From Palm Sunday to the Cross

The Sunday before Easter is Palm Sunday. On that day Jesus rode a young, unbroken donkey into Jerusalem. A crowd gathered around and shouted acclamations of praise:

“Blessings on the King who comes in the name of the Lord!

 Peace in heaven, and glory in the highest!” – Luke 19:38 (NLT)

Others watched, and some encouraged his disciples to calm the crowd down; otherwise there might be trouble. Jerusalem has always been in a frightening dance with trouble. Jesus’ presence was noticed, and the events of the week paint the picture as to why those who may have cheered for him on one Sunday lift up their voices and shout “crucify” by week’s end.  

The Gospel writers give us a great deal of detail as to the events of the week. The readings from Isaiah give us another lens through which we can also see and understand who Jesus is, and how he was fulfilling the promises of God. 

The following are suggested daily readings for Palm Sunday through Silent Saturday, when the body of Jesus was encased in a stone tomb. A fitting prayer before we take up and read is this: 

“Jesus, show me who you are, that I might walk with you as a friend, today. Amen.”

Palm Sunday
Isaiah 40:1-8
Luke 19:28-47

Isaiah 42:1-9
Luke 20

Isaiah 49:1-7
Luke 21

Isaiah 50:4-9
Luke 22:1-6

Isaiah 52:4-15
Luke 22:7-65

Isaiah 53:1-9 
Luke 22:66-23:49 

Isaiah 55:6-13
Luke 23:50-55

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