It’s Me. Hi. I’m on Sabbatical, It’s Me. 

Hi. It’s me, Taylor, your Technical Director! At the time of writing, I am halfway through my sabbatical. This season of rest has been chock-full with visiting family, museums, and churches. 

This season has allowed me to relax and recalibrate mentally and spiritually. I’ve spent a lot of time reading and writing and have been able to reset my sleeping habits, my spiritual disciplines, and my priorities. 

I enjoyed concerts, movies (including the ‘Barbenheimer’ double feature), and time reading and writing. My personal favorite is having more quality time with my wife and daughter, Zoë 

Day one, Zoë decided she would start walking and she hasn’t stopped since! Playtime has become much more exciting these days, and I enjoy every moment of chasing that girl around the house. WITH Schweitzer Kids, Students & PARENTS 

Between visiting other churches, locally and in Washington D.C., plus the Taylor Swift concert, I’ve already been inspired with new ideas to bring back to Schweitzer. (Let’s just say I hope Pastor Spencer is ready to learn some dance choreography!). The second half of my sabbatical is well-booked, and I look forward to sharing more when I return. I want to thank the Schweitzer Leadership for allowing me this opportunity and the people of Schweitzer for encouraging and supporting me. Though I’m in no rush to return, I do look forward to seeing you all again in October! 

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