Mary of Magdala

This Easter, we will look at the story of Jesus through the eyes of Mary Magdalene. As we prepare, we’ve asked two beautiful ladies from Schweitzer, Kristin Strong & Marilyn Quigley, to create and share what they learned about her. Click here to read Marilyn’s story.

Mary’s life before Jesus rescued her is a mystery. We know she was from a town near Capernaum, and we know she was tormented by seven demons. The number seven is significant in Scripture and is not mentioned lightly. It represents completion, fullness, and perfection. Mary was entirely possessed by these destructive and vile spirits. I tried to represent their impact by portraying her face with scars. Was she even able to ask for help?

Yet, Luke tells us that Jesus freed her, and freed her completely, entirely, perfectly. All seven demons left her. The few times she is mentioned after her healing, she is described as serving and following Jesus. She is one of the few followers who stays with Jesus as he is crucified, and she watches as he is placed in the tomb. Sunday morning finds her returning to the tomb with spices for what she thinks will be her last chance to serve him.

In Luke 7, Jesus tells the story of a man who loves much because he was forgiven much. Surely this describes Mary as well! The transformation from torture and captivity to peace and freedom was radical. The scars on her face are not meant to imply that her cleansing is incomplete. She is at peace. She is healed. The scars cannot diminish what Jesus has done for her. Indeed Jesus himself still bears scars (Luke 24:39-40, John 20:24-27).

Circumstances do not determine the faithfulness of God. Wounds cannot change His nature. Difficulties do not diminish His trustworthiness. He is faithful. When we follow and love Him, even though we bear scars, our lives confess that He is faithful and that nothing in the world can change that.

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