On the Road with George

In December, Flourish shared George’s story of life transformation as part of the Jobs for Life program. Since sharing his video, George is now a fully licensed commercial driver. He began working for TransAm Trucking and now hauls freight throughout the US, east of the Rocky Mountains. In the three months that George has worked for TransAm, he’s driven more than 28,000 miles covering more than 20 states, and averaging around 2,500 miles per week.  

When asked if he enjoys what he’s doing, George responded “I’m following through with my commitment to God every day; I’m loving life and living my dream. The blessings are endless.”

George’s Jobs for Life mentor, Stan Siemens, also finds joy in the updates. “Even now, eight months after George graduated from Jobs for Life, we still stay in close contact and address each other as ‘brother,’” Stan shared with the Flourish staff. “George’s enthusiasm for his work and his walk with the Lord are an inspiration to me.”

A new class of Jobs for Life is now underway. If you are interested in becoming a mentor or know someone who would benefit from this program, reach out to info@flourishcdc.org.

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