One Year of Second Season

When the Second Season ministry launched in the fall of 2021 as a ministry for people 55 and up, we had no idea how it would take shape. But for the past year, this ministry has offered monthly opportunities allowing people to connect and engage in new ways. The first Thursday of each month, we host a lunch-time gathering, which features local guest speakers and activities surrounding three pillars: Meaning-Filled Service, Fun & Fellowship, and Mind, Body & Soul. A team of volunteers organizes speakers, decor, music and a bit of extra for each time. On average 90 people from Schweitzer and the community attend and anyone is welcome. Here are a few highlights we discovered when we asked, “What do you enjoy about Second Season?”

Bob Lunn: Food, Fun & Fellowship! Breaking bread with old and new friends provides fun and fellowship, which is so important as we get older. Food-for-Thought keeps the mind young and alive. 

Favorite program? 

The Give5 presentation from the United Way inspired me and other folks to enroll in a class focused on the broad array of local needs and volunteer opportunities.

Ed Goeke: It’s a great way to get to know people better who are at a similar stage of life. Serving on the Second Season team allows me to use my gifts, get to know people and have fun doing it.

Ed’s Favorite moment? 

Singing the “YMCA” together during the Health & Wellness program. 

Debbie Murray:  The social aspect is my favorite. It creates an opportunity to invite non-Schweitzer friends to an enriching activity that brings them to our campus in a casual but meaningful way.  

Favorite program?

1) Mexican Villa, shared by the owner, Gavin Ferguson. I loved learning how their business helps struggling people. 2) Wellness & Nutrition discussion. We can all use reminders of ways to stay healthy in our “second season.”

Becky Galloway: 

This ministry has added fun and friendship to my life. Meeting different people, then seeing them in church with a smile and welcoming them as a friend is wonderful. 

Favorite program?

I loved hearing the history and heart of Mexican Villa. Learning more about members of Schweitzer gives a knowledge of family in our church. The food was amazing too!! 

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