Planting Seeds of Faith in Confirmation Classes

On April 23, we will celebrate confirmation with a group of students who have been part of this year’s Confirmation Class. Since last fall each week, 16 students and three adult volunteer leaders have been discussing the core principles of faith. Throughout confirmation classes, students engage in activities, field trips, and talk about what it means to really “own their faith.” 

Nicole Cologna leads this group along with Alan and Deb Sanderson. For Nicole, serving in this area of ministry is a blessing that keeps giving back. She first helped with confirmation when she was pregnant with her now 15-year-old daughter, Ainsley, and last year, she helped teach when Ainsley participated. It seemed like an easy, “Yes!” when Student Director, Levi Zen asked if she could help with the 2022-23 class.

“Helping kids make this decision is really important,” Nicole shared. “If I can connect with them and help them learn, it’s like planting a seed. I may not even see the full fruition of it in their lives, but I know I was part of this time in their lives.”

During the past few months, Nicole and other leaders have even received thank-you notes from parents who see the impact that they are having on the students. The fascinating part is that it’s not just about pouring into the students, but also into the whole family.

“I’ve had several parents ask me if I was leading Confirmation. When I would say, ‘Yes’ they would tell me that they had learned something too because I had talked about the topic in a way they had never thought about before  –  that’s when I realized that I am not just teaching students but I am teaching the parents also.”

There are hundreds of little moments that make the weekly commitment to volunteer in Student Ministries worth it.

“Yes, they are still goofy kids, but they are having ‘a-ha’ moments and you can see it on their faces. You realize you are leaving an imprint or footprint on their lives and you love them even more.”

Join us in celebrating Student Confirmation during a special service on Sunday evening, April 23. 

What Have You Learned So Far in Confirmation Class?

Sydney: “I have learned more about God, the Bible, and many different people and religions. My teachers are kind and nice. They make learning fun!”

Melany: “I have a lot of fun while learning about our God.”

Cooper: “Grace means forgiveness.”

Allie: “That everyone can be a prophet and how to stay awake.”

Noah: “There was many disagreements in the early church… But we all worship God in our own way.”

Quinn: “I’ve learned how to have a deeper understanding of the Bible and Jesus.”

Nick: “I have learned more about the Bible. I didn’t know anything about how to look around in the book.”

Bowen: “I’ve been able to delve deeper into the Bible and its history. I was able to take the next step in my faith.”

Liam: “I’ve learned about Jesus, Moses, Saints, and other important topics.”

Braxton: “I’ve learned that God is gracious and forgiving. Once you’ve made a mistake, God will forgive you.”

James: “I have learned a lot of history that I wouldn’t normally learn.”

Caitlin: “I learned about different religions and I learned that God always forgives.”

Jude: “I learned about Saint Augustine of Hippo and how God forgives everything as long as we believe and trust in Him.”

Emma: “Our amazing teachers have taught us all about the Holy Spirit and the prophets that spread His word.”

Grace: “I learned more about God and how different other religions work. I also learned more about the Methodist faith.”

Jon’taye: “I’ve learned more about our walk with God and more about the meaning of baptism. I’ve learned the story of Jesus’ baptism.”

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