Prayer on Campus

The Schweitzer Church campus is an expansive space where people gather for groups, classes, worship, and prayer. This summer, we encourage you to take a walk around the campus and spend time in prayer or fellowship. There are many great places for reflection and prayer including The Courtyard, The Neighborhood Garden, and the Prayer Chapel & Garden.

We recently renamed the area outside entrance B, The Courtyard (formerly Garden Chapel). This space has benches making it easy to gather as a group, class, or individual. Spend time in prayer or reflection here.

Near the middle of our campus, you’ll find the East Stanford Neighborhood Garden with some picnic tables in the middle. This is a great space to meet farmers, volunteer, and pray for this diverse community of growers.

Just west of the Neighborhood Garden is an area known as the Prayer Chapel & Garden. Truly,
this chapel was a labor of love by the late Richard Simpson. After his wife passed away, Richard poured his heart and wood-working skill into transforming an old shed into a beautiful chapel. This “tiny chapel” features a cross, small chapel pews, and a prayer wall where people can place their handwritten prayers. There is even a ceiling fan and lights. If the building is locked you can contact the office for a code.

Outside the Chapel, volunteers tend to the flowers and plants, and a path of brick pavers makes this space even more special. During the past few years, many pavers have been added as a way to remember dearly loved individuals connected with Schweitzer. This summer, we will again open up the opportunity to have a paver engraved and placed in honor or memory of someone. Each paver costs $50; orders must be received by June 30 for placement this year. Read more about reserving a paver online at:

Indoor Prayer

You are invited to join others for a time of prayer every Tuesday from 5:30 to 6:30 pm in the Prayer Room near the Schweitzer Sanctuary. The Student Center prayer room is also open for Food Pantry guests on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and throughout the week for anyone.

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