Riverside with Flourish

There is an old folktale, the origins of which I could not attribute, that is often used to exemplify the
differing approaches used to combat societal issues.

It goes like this . . .

You and a friend are having a picnic by the side of a river. All of a sudden, your friend looks in the river and points to a person drowning. You and everyone else around jump into the river to save the person, but unfortunately, more victims keep coming. At first, it is manageable, but then they start coming faster.

Out of breath, everyone tries hard to keep up, but some are saved, and others are not. Finally, you look around and see your friend leaving the river and walking away. You ask, “Where are you going? ”

Your friend answers with disgust, “I’m going upstream to find out who is throwing these people into the river and try to stop it.”

Although this parable illustrates the need for both pulling people from the river and trying to reduce or eliminate future problems by going upstream, it does not touch on what to do with those who have been pulled from or found their way out of the river.

This is where Flourish lives.

In many cases, our life-change programs work with people who have been in the river, often many times.

They are at a point where they know if they fall in one more time, they will not be able to get back to the shore. But they recognize they can’t do this alone. They need help staying on dry land.

Flourish life-change programs meet them on the shoreline. We help them discover God’s love, the healing power of Jesus Christ, and the life-empowering strength of the Holy Spirit that will guide and support their journey away from the river.

Our life-change programs equip them with the skills and disciplines necessary to move beyond issues that caused them to flounder in the river for so long.

However, life transformation does not come easily.

Changing deep-rooted thought processes and habits takes time. It requires a belief that change is possible, instilled through consistent motivation, acceptance of accountability, development of a healthy perspective, and time.

Flourish life-change programs work, but for these to work, we need individuals willing to serve as volunteers to help those who are fighting to stay out of the river. Please join us in our efforts.

To learn more about our programs or how to get involved, contact wayne@flourishcdc.com. Follow us on social media @flourishcdc to see the latest!

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