Spring Sermon Series: In the Name of Jesus

Easter is the most defining moment in all of history, but what comes next? What do we do with the reality of the empty tomb? Outside of going to heaven when we die, what difference does Jesus’ resurrection make in our lives today?

Starting Sunday, April 7, we will begin a short three-week series called “In the Name of Jesus” to explore those questions. We will spend three weeks working our way line-by-line through one of the most celebrated and impactful chapters of the Bible: Romans 8.

Often, when we pray, we end our prayers with the line, “in the name of Jesus.” This line is not just a way to end our prayers, like how we end a letter with “sincerely.” No, to claim the name of Jesus is to claim a certain standing with God through the work of Jesus. In our short series, we will explore our standing with God, which is now true because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Romans 8 lays out the truth of how Jesus’ resurrection changes our lives because it changes our standing with God.

Through these three weeks, we’ll learn to see ourselves as God sees us because of the resurrection of his Son. I hope you’ll join us, and I hope you’ll bring someone with you.

– Spencer Smith, Lead Pastor, Schweitzer Church

After this series, we will dive into a series called “How to Love God.”

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