The Deepest Love

by LaDonna Greiner

As you ponder this thought, perhaps your family and closest friends come to mind. What about a child, sibling, or spouse who makes negative life-altering choices? Maybe they are living a life of addiction, serving time in prison, or simply disappointing you in a way that hurts deeply. Yet, you still pray for them, forgive them, express compassion, and do your best to love them.

Expressing this love can be difficult if you try to do it alone. However, if we step aside and let God love through us, the difficulty disappears. It is a mysterious love, a spirit-led love that cannot be explained. It’s a love that comes from surrendering our limitations and opening ourselves to God’s unlimited love and transformational power.

It’s a love that comes from trust and faith.

God had faith and trust in us when He gave His son to walk as one of us for 33 years. When God allowed His one and only son to be one of us, experiencing our joy, pain, and sorrow, He was in His glory. Today, we have many examples in the New Testament so that we can walk with him still. These examples echo God’s glory.

Often, we think of glory as admiration, praise, or honor. When our favorite football player crosses the goal line, he revels in his own glory along with us. We bask in glory when we achieve awards and recognition.

Nothing is wrong with this type of glory if we remain humble amidst the praise.

The glory that John refers to in John 1 is a glory that far exceeds self-adoration or personal success; it is the glory we give others through the power of love.

A love so overpowering, so full of grace and honesty that it forgives mistakes and loves a person for who they are regardless of their choices.

This unconditional love is the most profound love you can imagine. It is the love shown to us by Jesus in his Word – a transformational love that results in the ultimate form of glory to God.

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