The Joy of Gatherin’

A little over a year ago, a vision for gathering guys of all ages together “sparked.” At our first breakfast gathering in July, more than 100 guys gathered early on a Saturday morning. It was a wonderful morning together and the start of something special. Since then, guys have gathered for breakfast, coffee, devotions, music and worship jams, outdoor adventures, horseback riding, caving and more.

We want to see this be an inner-generational ministry where guys can mentor and encourage each other across the generations.

As our church has grown, these “gatherin’s” have provided a way for men young and old in our church and community to connect for fellowship, fun, and spiritual growth. 

During our quarterly breakfasts, we’ve been blessed as we listened to amazing music, heard from Christian speakers, spent time in prayer, and of course enjoyed great food – one month a group of ladies even cooked up 12 pans of breakfast casseroles! 

What a joy it has been to grow in our relationship with God and one another! We continue to see how God, through His Grace has called, connected and commissioned His “guys” to gather in His name. Every time we do, there is an unexpected joy found in the big and small moments and the rich conversations.


  • Guys’ Hike: June 17 (part of the Camping & Canoe Weekend)
  • Guys’ Breakfast: Saturday, July 8 at 8 am

Guys, if you have been considering attending, please do. You are welcome and wanted! If you have questions, reach out to Pat Zimmer at 417-824-6990. Also, join the Guy’s Group on Church Center to learn about upcoming events.

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