Wednesday Night Kids

Wednesday Nights | 6:30 to 8:15 pm Sept 7 through Dec 14 (off Nov 23)

This fall, we are kicking back up Wednesday Nights Kids!
We’re so excited to have opportunities for kids of all ages from babies through 12th grade (with Students Ministry also meeting).

So… What Is Wednesday Night Kids?
This is a fun, engaging way for kids to learn about Jesus and be in community with each other. It’s open to ages two through 4th grade, with childcare available for kids two and under. We’ll have an engaging Bible lesson, crafts and games, plus kids will learn what it means to serve others through a collaboration with Schweitzer outreach ministries. Dinner will not be served, but snacks will be provided.

We look forward to seeing your family each Wednesday this fall! Learn more at

Fun Facts About the Kids Team

(Stiffany Taylor, the Director of Kids’ Ministry, and Taylor Zen, the Kids’ Ministry Assistant)

Ways We Are Alike

We both have Taylor in our name

We both swam in a lake, this summer, for the first time EVER 

We’ve been to the Atlanta Aquarium together.

We are both afraid of snakes

We both enjoy a good nap

Ways We Are Different

Stiffany eats bread with gluten, Taylor eats gluten-free

Stiffany grew up in North Carolina, Taylor grew up in Texas

Stiffany has long dark hair, Taylor has short light hair

Stiffany has one dog, Taylor has two dogs 

Stiffany’s been on staff more than a year, Taylor has been on staff less than a year

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